1 octubre, 2020 Antonio Vich del Préstamo

Uncle Roy All Around You Blast Theory Blast Theory_9

A sport where online and street players collaborate to find Uncle Roy before being encouraged to make a commitment to a stranger. Players explore a mixed reality town and collaborate to find Uncle Roy’s office before being invited to make a year long commitment to a total stranger. The city is a stadium where the unknown flourishes, where the disjointed and the excruciating are constantly threatening to overpower us. It’s also a zone of chance; fresh encounters. Building On Do You See Me Now? The game explores some of the societal changes caused by ubiquitous cellular devices, continuous access to your community along with location aware technologies. The following text describes the job in 2003 in the world premiere at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. The work was changed significantly in subsequent demonstrations. The Game Street Players buy a ticket and then are revealed to the registration desk. They have their picture taken and hand over most of their possessions: telephone, purse, luggage, loose change, etc.. The Street Player receives a unique code, they input into their handheld computer hence triggering the 60 minute countdown to start. Having been told that they have to meet Uncle Roy within 60 minutes, Street Players choose their handheld device out onto the roads. Their device shows a map and the Uncle Roy All Around You | Blast Theory | Blast Theory names and positions of Online Players. The map could be dragged around to display different locations and could zoom in or out. A button marked:»I am lost» is constantly offered. Once outside, they receive a message in Uncle Roy. It says:»Meet me in the playground from the lake. I’ve researched your map with the location. Click on the»I am here» button to verify you have arrived and I will come to meet you» A red dot indicates the assembly place. Online Players are going around a digital city that contrasts the way to the actual city. They too are sent on an assignment to fulfill Uncle Roy. They can view photos of the real town by heading to the corresponding place in the digital city and clicking an icon. Initially they can chat with other Online Players but can’t see or contact Street Players. When the Street Player first acknowledges their place (by clicking»I am here» about the handheld computer) that their avatar appears in the virtual world at that location. Their card becomes observable to Online Players: it reveals their name, their photograph and a concise description of their clothes. Selecting a Street Player’s card allows the Online Player to send personal messages to the Street Player. The Street Player can record sound responses or dismiss these messages

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